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En este espacio encontrarás los vídeos más importantes de Dream Theater durante su carrera.

At Wit’s End -Official Animation Video (2019)

Paralyzed  -Official Animation Video (2019)

Fall Into The Light -Official Video (2019)

Untethered Angel -Official Video (2019)

Our New World -Official Video (2016)

The Gift of Music -Official Video (2016)

The Astonishing full album (2016)

The Gift of Music -Audio (2015)

The Looking Glass (2014)

The Enemy Inside (2013)

Build Me Up, Break Me Down (2011)

On The Backs of Angels (2011)

Wither (2009)

A Rite of Passage (2009)

The Dark Eternal Night (2007)

Forsaken (2007)

Constant Motion (2007)

I Walk Beside You (Score, 2006)

In The Name of God (Live At Budokan, 2004)

The Great Debate (Live in Bucharest, 2002)

The Spirit Carries On (Live Scenes from New York, 2000)

Hollow Years (1997)

The Silent Man (1994)

Voices ( Awake in Japan, 1994)

Take The Time (1992)

Another Day (1992)

Pull Me Under (1992)

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